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Companies aim to advance biopharmaceutical analytics


Thermo Fisher Scientific (CA, USA) has announcedan agreement to collaborate with BioAnalytix Inc. (MA, USA). The companies plan to pool their expertise to develop an advanced analytical profiling platform for use in characterizing biopharmaceuticals.

The system would have applications during the development, scale-up and manufacturing steps of pharmaceutical production – to ensure that the final product has the correct biological structure.

BioAnalytix, established in 2012, is a spin-out company from the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University (MA, USA). The company focuses on biologic analysis, developing “advanced analytic platforms and methods” with the aim to accelerate “the development of biologic therapeutics directly with leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.”

The collaboration will allow BioAnalytix to use Thermo’s expertise in analytical systems. More specifically, the agreement allows them to use Thermo’s orbitrap-based mass spectrometers, in addition to their sample preparation, separation/enrichment, standards, reagents and software.

Ken Miller, Vice President, marketing, for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s life sciences mass spectrometry business, commented on the agreement, “This is an exciting real-world opportunity to showcase the ability of our technologies to provide unique, critical insights into protein structures. We have a long history of successful collaboration with BioAnalytix scientists, and we look forward to continuing this productive relationship.”

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific and BioAnalytix collaborate to develop advanced biopharmaceutical analysis workflows.


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