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Research partnership for cancer diagnostics


Natera, Inc. (CA, USA) and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (NY, USA) have recently announced a collaboration for research into advanced cancer diagnostics. The research partnership will analyze cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) for cancer monitoring.

Natera will provide funding to the Feinstein Institute, which in turn will provide blood and tissue samples to Natera, to enable the development of technology that can monitor ctDNA in the bloodstream of cancer patients.

Matthew Rabinowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Natera stated, “Our vision is to enable cancer detection across multiple tumor types that will have the same key features as our prenatal tests: early, accurate and non-invasive. We look forward to developing these new technologies together with the Feinstein Institute, and to delivering a more comprehensive range of clinical solutions directly to our growing network of providers, particularly in women’s health where we have already built a reputation for high quality and accuracy with our prenatal tests.”

Tumor cells release ctDNA into the bloodstream; therefore, being able to detect the ctDNA in the bloodstream decreases the need for invasive biopsies that do not always give a complete genetic view of the tumor.

“Earlier cancer detection leads to better clinical outcomes,” commented Peter K. Gregersen, Director of the Feinstein Institute’s Center for Genomics and Human Genetics. “The Feinstein Institute is delighted to partner with Natera for the development of cutting-edge diagnostic methods, and we are optimistic about the application of Natera’s core technology to address the unique challenges in early cancer detection and monitoring.”

As an additional part of the agreement, the Feinstein Institute and Natera will conduct multiple research studies together, in order to develop molecular diagnostics that will address unmet medical needs in oncology.

Source: Natera enters into partnership with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research to advance cancer diagnostics research.


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