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The Bioanalysis Glossary


The Future Science editorial team is delighted to bring you the first edition of The Bioanalysis Glossary, which we hope will be regarded as an essential resource for everyone who works in bioanalysis or related fields. Over 20 leading bioanalytical experts from industry and academia have been working closely with the Future Science editorial team over several months to develop this definitive glossary.

This guide will be particularly useful for those moving into the field or working with bioanalytical laboratories for the first time, and as a reference for experienced bioanalysts writing reports, research papers or presentations. Importantly, this glossary will aid in harmonization of the terminology used in the bioanalytical community within and between companies, universities and individuals. With increased globalization in drug development, it is now more important than ever before that scientists speak the same bioanalytical language.

View the full Bioanalysis Glossary here.


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