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IOC announces reanalysis of samples from the London 2012 Olympic Games


Last week the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that reanalysis of the “A” samples from 23 athletes who participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games have confirmed the presence of prohibited substances.

As part of an ongoing reanalysis program, 265 samples chosen from the last Olympic Games were reanalyzed after the commencement of intelligence-gathering in August 2015, in collaboration with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Federation (IF).

The investigations were focused on athletes from the London 2012 Games who could potentially compete in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

The reanalysis program includes samples from Beijing 2008 and utilizes the latest dope-testing methods developed.

According to the IOC, up to 31 competitors in five sports from six National Olympic Committees (NOCs) could be barred from competing in this year’s Olympic Games, following the reanalysis of 454 samples from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

One of the samples from Beijing has returned with unusual results which the IOC and IF will be further investigating.

“These reanalyses show, once again, our determination in the fight against doping,” stated IOC President Thomas Bach.

“We want to keep the dopers away from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This is why we are acting swiftly now. I have already appointed a disciplinary commission, which has the full power to take all the decisions on behalf of the IOC.”

The IOC is in the process of notifying affected athletes, NOCs and respective IFs. Athletes found to violate anti-doping laws will be prevented from participating in this year’s Games and could see legal action taken against them

The program is part of the IOC’s aim to safeguard both the integrity of the Games and clean athletes by keeping dopers away.

Source: Reanalysis reveals banned substances in 23 “A” samples from London 2012


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