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New Investigator Award Judging Panel: Erin E. Chambers

erin“Because I have such a deep love and excitement for bioanalytical science and related fields, I am honored to be part of the judging process for this award. It is so important to me to be able to recognize those that are equally as passionate about this field of research and care as deeply about the impact of their work. I believe strongly in doing anything we can to support the rare researchers that fall into this category and really stand out for their contributions.”

A graduate of Yale University (New Haven, Conn, USA), Erin Chambers is the Director of the Consumables Group in Scientific Operations and a Principal Applications Chemist. Erin has worked for Waters for the past 15 years and in DMPK at Pfizer previously.

Erin’s primary scientific roles are to support regulated and discovery Bioanalysis, and develop bioanalytical methods for drug molecules, both large and small. She is responsible for sample preparation, mass spectrometry, and LC method development, consumable development and research and also provides customer and in-house training on these topics.

Her most recent focus has been on peptide and protein bioanalysis. Her primary research interests include diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.


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