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The True Value of a Non-clinical CRO


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What key elements and services must a CRO have to support your developmental projects?

A well-resourced and experienced non-clinical CRO can help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes augment their existing capacity, capabilities and expertise when needed for both discovery and non-clinical drug development.

Smaller companies with minimal resources may need end-to-end support (study requirements, design, selecting research models, testing, IND filing, etc.), while a larger company may only need assistance in one or more components of a non-clinical drug program.

The true value a non-clinical CRO can provide spans a number of areas, including: Added capacity, expertise, consultation, research models, global footprint, regional expertise, regulatory requirements and logistics.

What’s in this e-book?

  • Discover the key services any CRO should have as a minimum to be even considered
  • Examine when a CRO can be the right solution for you and why
  • Understand the benefits of utilizing out-sourced regulatory or scientific expertise vs in-house resource

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