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An ultra-sensitive LC–MS/MS method to determine midazolam levels in human plasma: development, validation and application to a clinical study



Aim: Midazolam is a commonly used marker substrate for the in vivo assessment of CYP3A activity. Reliable pharmacokinetic assessment at sub-pharmacological doses of midazolam requires an ultra-sensitive analytical method. Methods: A new, ultra-sensitive LC–MS/MS method for the determination of midazolam in human plasma using SPE was developed and fully validated. The lowest limit of quantitation is 0.1 pg/ml with a sample volume of 500 μl. Results/conclusion: The following parameters were validated: sensitivity, assay accuracy and precision, linearity, selectivity, and stability of midazolam at pertinent analytical and storage conditions. The validated method was utilized successfully for the sample assay during a midazolam microdosing study for the evaluation of CYP3A4 activity of a clinical candidate.

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