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New Investigator Award Judging Panel: Erin E. Chambers


Erin Chambers 2“I’m really proud to be part of the New Investigator Award. The industry needs to do more of this. We need to continue to recognize people early in their career, while shining a spotlight on great science no matter where people are in their career: early, mid, or late. There’s a lot of other great work out there that’s not getting recognized in the way it can or should.”

Erin Chambers, currently a Director in Scientific Operations and a principal scientist at Waters Corporation, has been in the bioanalysis field for almost 25 years, and at Waters for 16. She started her career at Pfizer supporting DMPK and has also worked as an MS service engineer and in instrument development for Applied Biosystems. In her current role, Erin manages a team of scientists and develops bioanalytical applications for large and small molecule therapeutics and endogenous compounds.

In addition, she has responsibility for assessing new sample preparation, LC and MS products as well as providing both in-house and customer training. Her most recent focus has been on the bioanalysis of proteins and peptides. Erin has authored numerous papers and a book chapter on this topic. Her current research interests include Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.


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