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New Investigator Award Judging Panel: Rafael Lucena Rodríguez


Rafael Rodriguez“The Bioanalysis New Investigator award is an excellent opportunity to meet emerging researchers in the field. The recognition of their work by the bioanalytical community will encourage them to pursue their vocation. The winner will serve as an inspiring example for new researchers, who are the present and future of our discipline. This award is also important for seniors since meeting early-career researchers may remind us why we became scientists.”

Rafael is professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Córdoba (Spain). His research, which is mainly focused on microextraction, comprises the development and evaluation of novel sorptive phases and techniques in several fields including bioanalysis. Carbon based nanomaterials, ionic liquids and polymeric nanocomposites can be highlighted among these materials. He has co-authored 80 scientific articles and 3 book chapters on the topic. Rafael is also engaged with science divulgation. In fact, he is the editor of Microextraction Tech blog and collaborates with several resources.


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