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Bioanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals and Biomarkers


Welcome to the Bioanalysis Zone Spotlight on Bioanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals and Biomarkers

In this Spotlight we will be exploring recent developments in the bioanalysis of biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers. As the pharma and life sciences industries continue to increase investment in this these fields, Bioanalysis Zone will be using this Spotlight to investigate a range of topics, including:

  • Recent developments in bioanalysis for biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers
  • The quantification of biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers
  • Protein and peptide analysis
  • The latest techniques including microflow LC–MS and signature-peptide approach
  • Applications of biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers

Biopharmaceuticals are “one of a diverse group of macromolecules with therapeutic potential that are usually derived from living organisms or systems and include monoclonal antibodies, proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides.”

A biomarker is defined as a “protein or small molecule indicative of homeostasis or a disease state, the concentration of which can indicate disease progression or a response to a therapeutic intervention.” [1]

The biopharmaceutical industry lies at the interface between biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Both biotherapeutics and biomarkers play a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry, either being used as medicinal treatments or aiding in improving the drug development process.

In the coming months we will feature a variety of content on biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers as part of this Spotlight, including: a survey, webinars, panel discussion with key experts, exclusive commentaries, journal content from the Bioanalysis and much more. Keep checking the page for updates…

For more information or to submit Spotlight content suggestions contact the Editor, Naamah Maundrell, at


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