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Panelist: Pegah Jalili


Pegah Jalili Sigma 80x95Pegah R Jalili obtained her Master’s and PhD degrees in Chemistry from University of Memphis with Dr Chhabil Dass. During her PhD, she specialized in proteomics and conformational analysis of proteins using hydrogen-deuterium exchange. For two years following her PhD, she worked at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the mass spectrometry section of the Alliance for Cellular Signaling (AfCS) on a project under Dr. Alfred Gilman. Dr Gilman is a 1994 Nobel laureate for characterizing and purifying a set of G proteins, which led to the understanding of signal transduction processes.

In 2007, she began to work at Sigma-Aldrich as a senior scientist in the analytical research and development mass spectrometry lab. Pegah was promoted to Principal Scientist in 2015.

Highlights of her expertise are top-down and bottom-up proteomics techniques, quantification, post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation, glycosylation; host cell protein identification and quantification, and characterization of biopharmaceuticals and biotherapeutics.

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