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Strategies and technologies supporting improved drug safety assessments



Attrition in drug discovery and development continues to be a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Bringing a drug from discovery to market is costly and time-consuming, and every drug that fails carries additional cost for the developing company’s reputation and finances.

With an estimated total worldwide R&D spend of $US 141 billion in 2015, large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies want to ensure that they get an appropriate return on their investment – and that is estimated to require the launch of two to three new chemical or biological drugs by each company annually.

More flexible and science-led approaches to safety assessments incorporating the latest innovations in non-clinical testing are leading to considerable improvements in the ability of safety studies to assess and reduce the risk of subsequent drug failure.

This White Paper Includes:

  • Explore how molecule type is driving design of programs and individual safety assessment studies
  • Learn how innovations in technology are improving safety assessment data and study outcomes
  • Understand how high-risk drugs are being identified earlier in the development process
  • Discover the opportunity that improvements in assay techniques bring to translational biomarkers in safety assessment

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