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Thermo Fisher Scientific unveil their new Sterilin containers for molecular biology, genomic and forensic applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (MA, USA) have developed universal containers for applications in molecular biology, genomic and forensic research. The Sterilin containers, which are manufactured under sterile and automated conditions, have been certified free of any RNase, DNase, human DNA and pyrogen contamination.

These containers are specifically designed for handling valuable or hazardous samples safely, as well as ensuring the viability of the samples by limiting any contamination. This is important in molecular biology, genomic and forensic research, where any potential contamination could impact on the analytical results.

“With the tremendous growth in molecular biology, genomic and forensic research applications to support clinical diagnostic developments, laboratories are under increasing pressure to ensure safe, contamination-free handling of specimens,” commented Eric Roman, president, laboratory products, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“This is why we’ve developed these new containers with sample safety, versatility and ergonomics in mind. Even the most sensitive samples can now be handled with maximum safety using the irradiated sterile variants of the innovative new Sterilin range of containers.”

The Sterilin containers, made of clear polypropylene, met the 95kPa pressure requirements which are required for the transportation of any diagnostic specium.  Furthermore, the containers, which can accommodate up to 25 mL, are designed for leak-free performance and each container has a unique number to allow for traceability.



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