Bioanalysis Zone

Panelist: Laixin Wang


Laixin Wang 90x90Laixin Wang obtained his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Beijing Medical University. He conducted post-doctoral trainings in pharmaceutical chemistry and medicinal chemistry in University of Utah and Duke University, respectively. Dr. Wang worked for Salus Therapeutics as a senior formulation research scientist for 5 years until its acquisition by Genta Inc. In 2004, he joined Tandem Labs (now Covance Salt Lake City) where he started his GLP bioanalysis career. He was an associate laboratory director prior to leaving Tandem to join NovaBioAssays in May of 2015 as the Vice President in charge of establishing the company’s GLP bioanalytical lab. Dr Wang co-founded of Chongqing Denali Medipharma and Denali Clinical Research Center in July of 2017.


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