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AYOXXA launches new beads-on-a-chip multiplex protein analysis system


AYOXXA Biosystems (Cologne, Germany) have introduced a novel system, termed LUNARIS™, which is aimed to quantify soluble inflammation and immune response markers. The technology can be easily integrated into the laboratory and advantages include reliability and scalability of a bead-based approach, combined with the simplicity of image-based analysis.

Wolfgang Kintzel, COO of AYOXXA, commented: “To fully enable scientific discovery in the rapidly expanding field of translational science, modern multiplex protein analysis technologies need to provide superior robustness and performance, in addition to being validated for a variety of clinically relevant sample types.

“LUNARIS™ was developed by AYOXXA to combine scalability, flexibility and market leading data quality using the best-in-class analysis software. This truly enables the path from laboratory studies to clinically relevant insight.”

The LUNARIS™ system encompasses automated analysis software, a reader and multiplex protein assay kits. The plate is designed with antibody-coated beads, which are pre-deposited in separate micro-cavities on the LUNARIS™ BioChip. This bead-array format is advantageous as it enables flexible workflow, sample archiving and assay development.

Rodney Turner, CEO of AYOXXA, concluded: “Thousands of samples have been analyzed on the LUNARIS™ system to date in multiple research collaborations and studies by leading pharmaceutical companies. We are excited to be able to make this innovative technology available to help translate discoveries made in the laboratory environment through validation in clinical studies. We feel this will support greater insight into biological systems and advance the entire pre-clinical and clinical drug development process.”



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