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BioAgilytix and Sword Bio partner to improve immunoassay services


BioAgilytix (NC, USA) and Sword Bio (IL, USA) have announced a partnership to improve the offering of bioanalytical services from BioAgilytix, to include an immunoassay detection platform from Sword Bio. The collaboration is expected to meet the growing demand for the enhancement of the performance of immunoassays used for biomarkers, immunogenicity, and pharmacokinetics.

Sword Bio’s platform uses a patented technology involving resonance Raman to enhance precise and accurate quantification of analytes in the picogram/milliliter range. This, amongst other services offered by Sword Bio, will enable BioAgilytix to improve the sensitivity, robustness and time efficiency of their assays.

“Sword’s technology will be of great value to BioAgilytix and our customers, as it enables low detection of analytes and gives our team the ability to quickly increase ELISA sensitivity,” explained Afshin Safavi, Founder and Global Chief Scientific Officer of BioAgilytix. “It will further enhance our ability to deliver robust and reliable data from assays that we utilize every day, so that we can help our customers make drug development decisions with confidence.”

“BioAgilytix is a globally respected leader in immunoassays, and we are pleased to be partnering with them in meeting the needs of both our customers,” commented David Dingott, President and CEO of Sword Bio. “We are confident that the combination of Sword’s innovative platform and BioAgilytix’s deep scientific expertise will enable research and pharmaceutical organizations to continue to make exciting new drug development breakthroughs.”

Source: BioAgilytix press release


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