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New complementary diagnostic immunoassay launched


Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA, USA) have announced the launch of a new complementary diagnostic immunoassay for measuring plazomicin concentrations, the Thermo Scientific QMS Plazomicin Immunoassay, developed in collaboration with Achaogen (CA, USA). Plazomicin is a novel therapeutic antibiotic and aminoglycoside used to treat patients with complicated urinary tract infections.

The new immunoassay measures the concentration of plazomicin using the automated clinical chemistry analyzer, Beckman Coulter AU 680, and is the latest therapeutic drug monitoring immunoassay to utilize proprietary technology across a range of drug classes. These assays enable physicians to monitor and administer therapeutics on an individual patient basis by maintaining optimized drug levels, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Lonnie Shoff, Thermo Fisher Scientific, commented: “The commercialization of our FDA cleared QMS Plazomicin immunoassay is representative of our continued commitment to meet the needs of our biopharmaceutical development partners and the patients whom they serve. QMS TDM immunoassays are liquid, ready-to-use and designed to provide precise and accurate measurement of drug levels in patients.”

“Therapeutic drug monitoring aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The measurement of levels of plazomicin in blood will enable TDM-adjusted plazomicin dosing in recommended patient populations,” explained Janet Dorling, Achaogen (CA, USA).

“Monitoring plazomicin drug levels with accuracy and precision has been an important goal and, with the achievement of this regulatory milestone, we are excited about the commercialization of the QMS Plazomicin Immunoassay from Thermo Fisher.”



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