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Flow cytometry: tailored solutions without additional qualification


The challenges and obstacles to including flow cytometry in multi-center clinical trials are well-known. The solutions the KCAS team offers can eliminate risks commonly associated with lost or delayed shipments and allow for batching, which reduces the overall cost of conducting flow cytometric testing. As a result, our customers can receive answers quickly and efficiently, without delays or hassles of further qualification or rigid timelines.

KCAS offers 13 prequalified biomarker immune monitoring panels for support of clinical trials. These panels allow our clients to quantify patient’s T cells, B cells, natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells, T cell receptors, memory cells, intracellular regulatory biomarkers, intracellular cytokines, ALL cancer cells, CLL cancer cells and MM cancer cells. These panels can be used to help determine the mechanism of action of a compound and/or to monitor the safety of a treatment.

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