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Developing LC—MS workflows: Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cedars-Sinai announce collaboration


Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA, USA) and Cedars-Sinai (CA, USA) announce a collaboration that aims to unite Thermo Fisher’s LC—MS technology and the knowledge of Cedars-Sinai’s physicians and research scientists. The collaboration aims to develop pathways to new medicine by providing laboratories with sensitive LC—MS workflows capable of detecting and analyzing known and novel protein-based biomarkers.

As scientists continue to make progress towards future precision medicine in the lab, it becomes vitally important that reliable and routine analytical workflows are available to quantify targeted and untargeted proteins and peptides in samples with ease.

Bradley Hart (Senior Director of clinical marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific) explains: “New LC—MS-based methods will be developed to deliver high quality and confident results regardless of user expertise and experience for laboratories seeking to identify novel biomarkers and monitor biotherapeutics, ultimately helping clinical research teams track and improve outcomes.”

It is hoped that the collaboration can benefit patients as well as the wider clinical and research community.


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