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New molecular quality control panel could improve BCR-ABL assay performance


International scientific instrumentation provider, Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA, USA), have announced the release of a new molecular quality control panel. The instrument, known as the Acrometrix BCR-ABL Panel, is the first full process molecular control panel that can monitor BCR-ABL assay performance at every clinical stage. Using the panel could provide researchers with improved confidence levels when performing BCR-ABL assays.

As BCR-ABL is a biomarker for chronic myeloid leukemia, BCR-ABL assays are often used to monitor the effectiveness of targeted drug therapies by detecting and quantitating the BCR-ABL gene. Accurate and reliable assay performance can influence patient treatment decisions.

Fernando Beils, Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Diagnostics for Thermo Fisher explained: “The Acrometrix BCR-ABL Panel is the first full-process molecular control for challenging validated BCR-ABL assay performance, providing researchers and laboratorians with greater confidence utilizing a highly characterized product.”

The Acrometrix BCR-ABL panel is not intended for clinical use and is available for research use only.



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