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10th Japan Bioanalysis Forum Symposium: conference report


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The Japan Bioanalysis Forum Symposium was held on 12–14 February 2019 (Yokohama, Japan), in celebration of its 10th anniversary, and over 370 participants from pharmaceutical industries, contractors, academia and regulatory authorities from home and abroad came together in Yokohama. The 3-day symposium particularly aimed to foster collaboration with the scientists surrounding bioanalysts, according to the theme ‘Open to the Public.’ The symposium also included a broad range of pioneering programs, such as lectures by speakers from DMPK/metabolomics fields, discussions of future bioanalysis and poster presentations by publicly offered presenters as well as the regular ones we had organized. This report summarizes the major topics as a conference report.

Keywords: bioanalysis, biomarker, clinical pharm, data integrity, discussion group, drug–drug interaction, ICH M10, JBF, LBA, LC–MS/MS, microsampling

Since the first Japan Bioanalysis Forum (JBF) Symposium in 2011, which was the first-ever scientific meeting focused on regulated bioanalysis in Japan, the JBF continuously offers a room, for discussing bioanalytical matters/questions from Japanese scientists. The symposium celebrated its 10th anniversary recently, in February 2019.

During these years, the scope of drug discovery and development has drastically changed. The technologies being employed in the bioanalysis of new modalities, such as the so-called large and middle molecules, have been concomitantly developed. Accordingly, bioanalysts need to expand their views outward in collecting relevant information and are required to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Thus, we held the 10th symposium with the theme ‘Open to the Public’ aiming to foster practical collaboration with the scientific fields surrounding bioanalysis, including DMPK, Tox and Clinical Pharm. In addition, special events to celebrate the 10th anniversary were organized.

This report provides a summary of the highlights of the 10th JBF Symposium (Yokohama, Japan, 12–14 February 2019). Presentation materials of the symposium are available on the JBF website [1].

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1 Japan Bioanalysis Forum.

2 The Government of Japan. Realizing Society 5.0.


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