Technical Note – A Sensitive and Robust Immunocapture-LC-MS/MS Workflow for Quantitation of Insulin Glargine in Human Plasma

Increasing sensitivity for better accuracy, robustness, and LLOQ when quantitating insulin glargine in complex biological samples

SCIEX iMethods for Pharma and BioPharma

Key benefits of BioBA Solution for Quantifying Insulin Glargine

  • Sample preparation – Increased efficiency with the included reagent kit, sample preparation SOP, and LC-MS/MS detail method
  • Maximized sensitivity – QTRAP® 6500 Increased ionization efficiency and heat transfer with the new IonDrive™ Turbo V source and Increased ion sampling efficiency and ruggedness with the new IonDrive™ QJet ion guide results in LOD of 25 pg/mL and LOQ of 50 pg/ML
  • Large linear dynamic range – Measurements tested from 50–100,000 pg/mL are linear with close to 5-orders of magnitude (r = 0.99961)
  • Wide mass range – Range of m/z 5 – 2000 provides versatility for large peptide quantitation