Aims & Scope

Bioanalysis Zone is brought to you by Future Science Group, the publishers of Bioanalysis, a prominent fortnightly peer-reviewed journal.

Bioanalysis is the study of xenobiotics and biotics in biological matrices. The field incorporates sophisticated techniques linking advanced separations with MS and NMR detection systems, automation and robotics. Standards set by regulatory bodies regarding method development and validation increasingly define the boundaries between speed and quality.

The content of Bioanalysis Zone is uniquely targeted to those working on the analysis of drugs, biotics and metabolites in biological matrices. This is, primarily, bioanalysts working in pharmaceutical research and development, clinical laboratories, clinical and forensic toxicologists, and sports doping analysts. The content will also have wide appeal to analytical chemists, pharmacologists, clinical chemists, and those involved with metabolomic studies.

Bioanalysis Zone focuses on the analysis of human and animal samples, and covers the latest relevant and significant developments, within the topics of:

  • Analyte extraction and sample preparation
  • Biomarker assays
  • Chromatography and separation sciences
  • Data processing and statistics
  • Diagnostic assays and test kits
  • Drug and metabolite assays
  • Innovative bioanalytical methods
  • Laboratory automation and efficiency
  • Ligand binding assays
  • MS, NMR and other key detection methods
  • Method development and validation reports
  • New instrumentation and equipment
  • Pharmacogenomics assays
  • Regulatory and compliance issues