Ask the Experts: outsourcing

In this ‘Ask the Experts’ feature, we will be discussing the subject of outsourcing in the bioanalytical field.

As the industry continues to grow, develop and expand, the demand to outsource work is increasing. Due to cost, speed and internal capabilities, it is becoming increasingly popular for pharma companies to reduce their bioanalytical services and build relationships with external service providers.

Following on from our previous Spotlight, we will be exploring the key challenges of outsourcing, as well as what the future may hold for the relationship between CROs and pharma. We interview key figures from pharma, CROs and biotech about their experiences and thoughts on outsourcing in the bioanalytical arena, giving our members a 360° opinion piece.


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Marco Michi

stephanie passas farmer_150x150Stephanie Pasas-Farmer
richard hucker_150x150Richard Hucker song li_150x150Song Li naidong weng_150x150Naidong Weng


1 In what areas are the outsourced work you send/receive from? 

2 What does your organization believe is important when outsourcing/being selected for outsourcing?

3 What are the challenges you face when sending/receiving outsourced work?

4 Do you think the amount of outsourcing will change in the future?

5 What factors do you think will increase outsourcing?

6 Do you think the relationship between pharma and outsourcing companies will change in the future?