Bosca Award 2015


Congratulations to Philip Timmerman and Nico van de Merbel for winning the 2015 BOSCA, and thank you to everyone for submitting their nominations!

Following much deliberation, the vote was tied with the judges being unable to choose between two particular experts. We have, therefore, decided to reward Nico with the BOSCA – Excellence in Research and Philip with the BOSCA – Pillar of the Community.

“We are honored to announce that due to the very strong nominations for the BOSCA award this year, the selection panel have decided to present the winner jointly to two nominees – Nico van de Merbel and Philip Timmerman. Both winners stood out for their outstanding contributions to shaping the bioanalytical community and developing staff bioanalytical capability, in addition to their creativity and technological innovation and implementation,” commented judge Neil Spooner on behalf of the panel.

As winners, Nico and Philip will be featured in Bioanalysis and on the Zone, and will also receive a 1-year subscription to Bioanalysis.

Cameron Low, Editor of Bioanalysis Zone, commented: “It is a pleasure to recognize the work and continuing commitment of Nico and Philip. Philip has been influential in the success of the European Bioanalysis Forum – a great cause helping to advance the bioanalytical field exponentially. Nico has also contributed significantly to many discussions in the bioanalytical community and his research is always of an excellent standard.”

To celebrate the announcement of the 2015 BOSCA award winners, the following Bioanalysis articles have been made available free-of-charge to members of Bioanalysis Zone:


Additional work from Nico and Philip published with Bioanalysis can be found here.

The next BOSCA award will be in 2017. For information about the award please email