Bioanalytical laboratory opens to support quality control in local businesses

Written by Phoebe Heseltine, Future Science Group

Technology firm partners with University to facilitate innovation in local enterprises.

Analytical services provider, Agilent Technologies (CA, USA) and Temasek Polytechnic (Tampines, Singapore) have recently announced their collaboration to support local businesses in product innovation, safety and quality. The partnership will bring together bioanalytical techniques to help local small and medium sized enterprises that develop, manufacture or distribute traditional Chinese medicine and food products.

According to Agilent Business Director, South Asia-Pacific region, Chemical Analysis Group, Tan Mei Mei, “Agilent has a long history of developing analytical tools and methods used by governments, commercial enterprises and private labs around the globe for detection, identification and confirmation of biological and chemical agents and toxic industrial compounds in various industries. Manufacturers and distributors of products used in traditional Chinese medicine, for example, need to ensure safety, quality and authenticity of their ingredients and must conform to increasingly stringent standards around the world and in Singapore.”

Temasek Polytechnic will invest in instrumentation and talent. Chemists at the laboratory will also be able to conduct tests to screen chemical ingredients and products at various stages of production. Lee Chee Wee, Director of the School of Applied Science, Temasek Polytechnic, said of the collaboration, “At this Lab, Temasek Polytechnic is committed to adopting the latest technology in analytical science. We hope to leverage the strategic partnership with Agilent to further facilitate innovation for local enterprises. The ultimate goal is for SMEs to accelerate their growth and achieve their business objectives in a more cost-effective way.”

Source:  Agilent Technologies press release: Agilent Technologies and Temasek Polytechnic open analytical sciences laboratory