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Advanced therapies are new medical products that encompass tissue engineered products, cell therapy and gene therapy. Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are a new class of biopharmaceuticals that can be used to treat a range of diseases including Alzheimer’s, cancer and muscular dystrophy. Advanced therapies have the potential to transform some disease treatments.  For example, some advanced therapies use stem cells to kick-start the regenerative process helping to restore damaged cells.

  • Gene therapy – this is a technique that modifies a person’s genes to treat or cure disease. Gene therapies can work by several mechanisms: replacing a disease-causing gene with a healthy copy of the gene, inactivating a disease-causing gene that is not functioning properly or introducing a new or modified gene into the body to help treat a disease.
  • Cell therapy – these therapy products include cellular immunotherapies, cancer vaccines, and other types of both autologous and allogeneic cells for certain therapeutic indications, including hematopoetic stem cells and adult and embryonic stem cells.


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