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Proteomics infographic feature image

As part of our mini-Spotlight on proteomics, we carried out a survey to gain an insight into the trends, challenges and developments associated with proteomics R&D – find out the results in this informative infographic.

Survey - cellular and gene therapy2

To kick-start this special focus, we wanted to hear your thoughts on the topic – complete our short survey on cellular and gene therapy to be the first to receive our informative infographic collated from the survey results.

Gene therapy

In this mini-Spotlight we will be exploring the role of bioanalysis is cellular and gene therapies.


Join us for our Twitter chat with proteomics experts on Friday 22nd February at 15:00 [GMT], 10:00 [EST], where we will discuss the applications of proteomics, mass spectrometry techniques and the challenges of proteomics research #TalkProteomics.

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