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In this feature, we peek behind the paper with Jing Yu and Amanda Hays (PRA Health Sciences, KS, USA) to gain insights into the key challenges of post sample collection whole blood stability. They explain the advantages of the lyse freeze method and how their approach, which has been demonstrated on Tregs, could be implemented in clinical trials that monitor other cellular markers.

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This ‘In the Zone’ discusses the importance of data management. Data management is a common term used in almost all industries and it comprises all disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource.

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In this research article, published by Bioanalysis, investigators from Biogen (MA, USA) and Stat4ward LLC (PA, USA) describe their re-evaluation, in singlet, of data from five pharmacokinetic assay validations and five clinical and preclinical studies, originally run in duplicate. The results of the study confirm that well-developed ligand-binding assays (LBAs) produce comparable data whether evaluated in singlet or duplicate.

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Jisun HJ Lee and Jiangjiang Zhu discuss volatile organic compounds produced by the gut microbiome and their relationship with human health. They also examine volatilomics, a field of metabolomics dedicated to the detection and quantification of gut microbial volatile compounds to reveal their function in human health and metabolism.

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