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Biomarkers Spotlight

The use of atmospheric pressure ionization MS in biomarker detection is still in its infancy and extensive research and validation of methods would be required to ensure the development of robust, reproducible methods. In this editorial the use of API technology is discussed as it could truly revolutionize biomarker discovery and point-of-care measurements.

coronavirus 2

Much of the science and healthcare news during these dire times has been disheartening. But there’s been at least one encouraging development: new COVID-19 vaccines are on track to be the fastest ever to market. And that accelerated pace might become the new normal.


Proteomics-based tumor biomarker discovery has come a long way since the days of two-dimensional gels. A multi-biomarker panel could incorporate different classes of biomolecules so as to narrate the disease history in a holistic manner.


Discover the latest updates on the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak in this ‘In the Zone’. Here, you can discover the latest news headlines and updates.

DNA biomarker

The demand for analyzing biomarkers in drug development has increased dramatically with the advancement of precision medicine. In this editorial Weiping Shao (Frontage) discusses the challenges and key advice for outsourcing biomarker research.

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In this editorial Amandine Dispas (University of Liege, Belgium) discusses the versatility of SFC and the ongoing role of mass spectrometry in the latest chromatographic workflows. Does chromatography need mass spectrometry? Find out here.

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