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The value of lipid biomarkers for precision medicine is growing in recognition, resulting in an increased research focus on translational lipidomic workflows. Underpinning advances in this field are developments in mass spectrometry (MS) and liquid chromatography (LC). In this editorial, David Peake (Thermo Fisher Scientific) considers the analytical challenges associated with translational lipid biomarker development, and how the latest LC–MS technologies and lipidomics workflows are overcoming them.

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In this column, Afshin Safavi differentiates between ‘assay qualification’ and ‘assay validation’ explaining current industry guidance, the translation of this guidance into the exploratory biomarker world, and how BioAgilytix (NC, USA) approaches these challenges.

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To address questions raised in our Quantitative HRMS Spotlight and to investigate how the field has progressed over the last two years, key figures from pharma, CROs, biotech and academia share with us their experiences and thoughts on HRMS, giving our members a 360° opinion series.

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