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The term clinical refers to the observation and treatment of patients compared to theoretical or laboratory studies.

Bioanalytical laboratory work supports multiple stages of the drug development process. This includes appropriate characterization of molecules; assay development; optimal method development; supporting pre-clinical testing and clinical trials; and quality assurance and quality control for the entire development process.

urine test-for-cancer-cells-feature

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA, USA) have developed a urine test that can identify proteins associated with lung cancer. It is hoped the nanoparticle-based test could reduce the quantity of false positives and improve early detection.


Researchers from Mologic Ltd (Bedford, UK) have announced that they are currently validating a COVID-19 diagnostic test with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK), St Georges’ University (London, UK).

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PRA Health Sciences (NC, USA), a North Carolina-based CRO, has announced the commercial availability of a COVID-19 monitoring program. The program, a mobile app-based initiative will track the health of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center (MD, USA) have completed a proof-of-principle study with results indicating the potential for a urine test for prostate cancer. The study identified cancer-specific changes in urinary RNAs and metabolites.

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