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chromatography need mass spectrometry-feature-image

In this editorial Amandine Dispas (University of Liege, Belgium) discusses the versatility of SFC and the ongoing role of mass spectrometry in the latest chromatographic workflows. Does chromatography need mass spectrometry? Find out here.

electromembrane extraction with spb

We caught up with Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (Professor at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, Norway) and asked him about the exciting developments in his research developing electromembrane extraction applications that have taken place since his 2018 publication in Bioanalysis.

bioanalytical applications-chromatography-feature-image

In this editorial Isabelle Kohler (Vrije Univerisiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) explores the future of chromatography in bioanalysis. Is chromatography still a necessity in the face of developments in other analytical technologies?

5-recently-developed-microfluidic devices

Through the integration of the latest nanotechnology and bioengineering, scientists have begun to develop a wide range of microfluidic chips. Check out this list to explore some of the most exciting recently developed devices.


In this editorial feature, explore lab-on-a-chip technology. Find out what it is, what the possible advantages of lab-on-a-chip technology are as well as the disadvantages and challenges encountered by scientists working to develop this emerging field.

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