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oligo infographicx

This infographic reflects changes in the oligonucleotide field over the last 2 years including: what types of oligonucleotides are studied, assay formats and opinions on methodology for oligonucleotide analysis.


In this editorial, Neil Henderson (AstraZeneca) discusses the explosion in types of drug molecules – the so-called ‘new modality’ drugs – which includes antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) and modified mRNA.

DNA oligo

Therapeutic oligonucleotides are already established as a successful technology, with many additional siRNA and antisense drugs in development. New applications for targeting non-coding RNA and gene editing are on the horizon.

Brexit BZ

With the reality of Brexit already impacting the UK’s clinical trials environment, Zamas Lam (QPS; DE, USA) discusses the effect this will have on bioanalytical research, and suggests 10 questions to ask when relocating UK-based preclinical and bioanalysis research projects.

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