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This editorial provides an insight into the development of proteomics as a tool for drug and biomarker discovery, pharmacodynamics and protein network elucidation; and where technology may be heading in the future.

solvent and additive purity selections

“There are, in essence, two schools of thought that I can perceive when discussions occur on the topic of appropriate purity of the laboratory water and various solvents, additives and reagents for any given stage of a quantitative bioanalytical procedure.” Find out more from Robert MacNeill (Envigo) in this editorial column.

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Read time: 4:30 mins
In this column, Afshin Safavi differentiates between ‘assay qualification’ and ‘assay validation’ explaining current industry guidance, the translation of this guidance into the exploratory biomarker world, and how BioAgilytix (NC, USA) approaches these challenges.

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