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As part of our Spotlight on HRMS in DMPK, we carried out a survey to gain an insight into the trends, challenges and developments associated with using HRMS for DMPK studies. We would like to thank everyone who was able to share their thoughts by taking part in the survey – you can see the results below in our infographic.


Read the Bioanalysis Zone team’s top five take away messages from the 12th EBF Open Symposium, from automation to patient-centric sampling in this conference report.


In this installment of Robert MacNeill’s (Covance) column, Robert discusses the potential disparity in results when using a given method for extracted analytical batches versus in solution, the different challenges involved with solutions and extracts and the necessity to fully consider the relevant chemistry from the earliest stages of method development.

ITZ Immunogenicity landing2

In this feature, we explore the key qualities to look for to ensure success when outsourcing immunogenicity assay development and testing. We also explore the methods for – and challenges involved with – T-cell immunity monitoring and assay development.


In this interview Joel Mathews (Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc., CA, USA) discusses his role in the development of biomarker, PK and immunogenicity assays in the development of protein therapeutics. He explains his interest in the field and explores the use of LBA for biomarker validation

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