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In this feature, we will be investigating how flow cytometry works, key advances in technology over the years and how applications for flow cytometry detection and measurement are being developed.


We talk to Christoph Eberle, Principal Scientist at Charles River Laboratories (MA, USA). Christoph explains his fascination with flow cytometry, key advantages of the technique and where he hopes the field with be in 5–10 years’ time.

solvent and additive purity selections

“There are, in essence, two schools of thought that I can perceive when discussions occur on the topic of appropriate purity of the laboratory water and various solvents, additives and reagents for any given stage of a quantitative bioanalytical procedure.” Find out more from Robert MacNeill (Envigo) in this editorial column.

Spotlight survey 1

To kick-start this our special focus on immunogencity, we wanted to hear your thoughts on the topic. Complete our short survey on immunogencity and be the first to receive our informative infographic collated from the survey results.

Ask the experts outsourcing-05

Find out what Song Li (Frontage) has to say about the future of bioanalytical outsourcing, in this video interview.


As part of our Spotlight on the validation of biomarkers, we conducted a survey and compared the results to previous data. Find out more about the key trends, challenges and future potential for biomarker R&D in this informative infographic.

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