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Bioanalysis commissioning Editor, Rhiannon Finnie, reflects on the journal’s highlights from 2018 including special focus issues and the most popular articles of the year.

HPLC feature image 1280x

This review article from Bioanalysis introduces the differences between UHPLC and HPLC, and reviews the use of UHPLC in the last 5 years when studying the glycosylation of proteins and glycoprofiling biopharmaceuticals.

Antibody-drug conjugates Featured

Alternative scaffold proteins have emerged as novel platforms for development of therapeutic applications. One such application is in protein–drug conjugates, which are analogous to antibody–drug conjugates. Find out more in this research article from Bioanalysis.

CC0 dna-1015661

Can bioanalysis be aimed without convergence of specificity and selectivity? Is it possible to converge both the strategies? Find out more in this article from Bioanalysis, where the authors discuss the merits and challenges of bioanalysis in terms of specificity versus selectivity in order to find the solutions.

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