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Find out more about a consultants’s perspective on outsourcing in this exclusive interview with Stephanie Pasas-Farmer (BioData Solutions) for Ask the Experts.

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A collaboration of researchers from KAUST (Thuwal, Saudi Arabia), Imperial College London (London, UK) and the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK), have recently developed a novel concept for a biosensor of the metabolite, lactate.

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Read more about the latest advances in proteomics this week in our themed weekly news round-up, including news regarding a new clinical market license for a predictive diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease, and a new device for in vivo real-time proteomics in surgical oncology.


Learn more about the pros and cons of investing in new technologies or sticking with more traditional techniques, as well as about the key questions that should be considered before making the decision. In this infographic, we investigate the pros and cons of utilizing four different technologies available for large molecule analysis: colorimetric ELISA, Meso-Scale Diagnostics, Time Resolved Fluorescence and Quanterix Simoa.

Jun Qu

In this interview, Jun Qu (University at Buffalo; NY, USA) describes his current research focuses, including the technologies he is currently developing. Jun goes on to discuss the challenges involved in implementing sensitive quantifications of biotherapeutics using LC–MS and speculates on the future of the technology.

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