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ProteinWorks for Large Molecule Quantification…Because Size Matters

Routinely achieve reproducible, accurate, and sensitive protein quantification with ProteinWorks

Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus

Thermo Scientific Exactive Mass Spectrometer is an easy-to-use benchtop system combining premium performance with a simple, intuitive interface, resulting in a LC-MS system that is smaller, faster and affordable for virtually any lab. The Exactive is the ideal benchtop LC-MS system for accurate, high-throughput screening and compound identification. It features high resolution, accurate mass and

Supelco′s Supel™-Select SPE

Supelco′s Supel™-Select SPE are hydrophilic modified styrene based polymers developed for the solid phase extraction of a broad range of compounds from aqueous samples. The retention mechanism for HLB is predominantly based on reversed-phase interaction. However, because the phase is hydrophilic modified, it is also selective for more polar compounds. The retention mechanism for SCX/SAX

LC-MS Resource Guide: Consumables and Tips for Routine and Advanced LC-MS Performance

Maximize the performance of your LC-MS using proven consumables. Scientists deal with highly complex and variable sample matrices, analytes at vanishingly low concentrations, and pressure to keep analysis time to a minimum. The sample prep and chromatography components of their LC-MS workflow must be able to help them meet these challenges. In this brochure we