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1 EBF Trypsin poster-1

Here we utilize a cysteine-linked antibody fluorophore conjugate to show how LC-MS methods may be optimized using a non-toxic ADC-mimic. The ADC-mimic was used to develop native and reduced SEC-MS conditions. The reduced mimic’s heavy and light chains, as well as its IdeS-proteolysis fragments, were used to develop reversed-phase LC-MS methods. A tryptic digest of the ADC mimic was used to develop a peptide mapping LC-MS method.

1EBF 2017 BioSPME Matrix Effect Poster-1

Biocompatible solid phase micro extraction (BioSPME) is a sample preparation method that allows for the extraction of various analytes of interest from complex biological matrices without significant co-extraction of common interferences including salts, proteins, and phospholipids. Analytes can be recovered by simply desorbing within an organic solvent prior to analysis. Significant reduction in matrix interferences allows the user to focus on the separation of analytes during method development.

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