eBook: Adopting Bioanalytical Methods for Gene Therapy

In this eBook, we explore the different bioanalytical methods adopted for cell and gene therapies. Download this eBook and you will gain access to journal articles, interviews and editorials including:

  • REVIEW: Applications of Cell-Based Bioassays Measuring the Induced Expression of Endogenous Genes
  • TUTORIAL: Bioanalysis in the Age of New Drug Modalities
  • INTERVIEW: Cell and Gene Therapy Products: an Interview with Heather Myler & Panteli Theocharous
  • EDITORIAL: Complexity and Diversity of Bioanalytical Support for Gene Therapy Modalities
  • RESEARCH ARTICLE: Insights on Droplet Digital PCR–Based Cellular Kinetics and Biodistribution Assay Support for CAR-T Cell Therapy


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