We are pleased to present a special Bioanalysis Zone interactive supplement, which has been created to bring you the latest developments and leading opinions from some of the key experts in the oligonucleotide field. Oligonucleotide therapies have gained increasing interest in recent years, due to their capabilities in targeting a diverse range of drug targets, enabling more sophisticated and specific therapeutics to be developed with novel biological functions.

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In this special supplement we review how the field has developed since our last examination of the subject in our 2017 Spotlight focusing on oligonucleotides. We consider how attitudes have since changed in our recent survey and explore important developments with contributions from leading experts including: Johannes Winkler (Medical University of Vienna), Laixin Wang (Chongqing Denali Medpharma Co.), Neil Henderson (AstraZeneca) and Zamas Lam (QPS).

The exciting world of oligonucleotides_compressed


  1. EDITORIAL: Bioanalysis of oligonucleotides – the journey so far by Neil Henderson (AstraZeneca)
  2. EDITORIAL: The era of therapeutic oligonucleotides has just begun by Johannes Winkler (Medical University of Vienna)
  3. INTERVIEW: Recent developments in oligonucleotide analysis: an interview with Zamas Lam (QPS)
  4. EDITORIAL: Recent advances in bioanalysis and metabolite profiling of oligonucleotide therapeutics by Laixin Wang (Chongqing Denali Medpharma Co.)
  5. INFOGRAPHIC: The exciting world of oligonucleotides – how far have we come?
  6. EDITORIAL: Infographic commentary: oligonucleotide trends by Zamas Lam
  7. JOURNAL ARTICLE: Analytical techniques for characterization of biological molecules – proteins and aptamers/oligonucleotides
  8. JOURNAL ARTICLE: Development of SPE method for the extraction of phosphorothioate oligonucleotides from serum samples
  9. JOURNAL ARTICLE: Quantitative analysis of imetelstat in plasma with LC– MS/MS using solid-phase or hybridization extraction
  10. JOURNAL ARTICLE: Challenges and opportunities in bioanalytical support for gene therapy medicinal product development

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