Chad Briscoe

Chad received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Alma College in Michigan and a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Michigan with a focus in the use of LC–MS/MS in Protein and Peptide analysis. Chad’s Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Nebraska was focused on studies of Protein Binding via Affinity LC–MS/MS and computer simulations.

Chad is currently the Executive Director of Bioanalytical Science at PRA. He was previously the Director of Bioanalysis at the Lincoln site of MDS Pharma services. He has become well known in the bioanalytical community on such diverse issues as the use of advanced LC–MS/MS technology applied to high-throughput analysis, system suitability in high-throughput LC–MS/MS and bioanalytical software validation. He has recently been an invited speaker at the Land O’ Lakes Bioanalytical Conference, the Applied Biosystems ASMS User’s Meeting, and the Boston Society’s APA and APS Meetings. Chad was also recently the chair of the Global Bioanalysis Consortium’s Analytical Instrument Qualification Team and the column editor for the Journal of Bioanalysis column, Management and Leadership. Chad was previously with Dow Corning where he specialized in LC–MS/MS techniques and high-resolution MS and GC solutions. He is also on the planning committees and past chairperson for the Land O Lakes Bioanalytical Meeting, Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions Through Analysis (CPSA) Meeting and the Boston Society’s Applied Pharmaceutical Software Meeting.

What three things would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?

  • A lifetime supply of tacos and Lucky Bucket Lager
  • My wife (hope she likes tacos as much as I do)
  • Can I throw in some diet coke for her?

If you weren’t a bioanalyst, what would you be?

  • Something in construction management or civil engineering. I’m fascinated by building and hate being stuck in the office

What is your favorite city?

  • Nope, I want to move to the mountains

Why have you decided to become a Zone Leader?

It’s a unique way to contribute to my profession and to grow personally through the contacts and opportunities it will present.

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