Advancing novel biomarker identification: Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborate with Owlstone Medical

Written by Alex Hyde, Future Science Group

International biotechnology development company, Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA, USA), have announced a collaboration with Owlstone Medical (Cambridge, UK), a manufacturer of breath biopsy platforms. The collaboration hopes to improve the early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases through the discovery and validation of novel biomarkers.

Owlstone Medical manufacture a breath biopsy platform, which rapidly and non-invasively samples volatile organic compounds found in breath samples. As a result of the collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Orbitrap gas chromatography (GC) mass spectrometry systems will be integrated into Owlstone Medical’s breath biopsy platform.

Through a validated discovery and routine analysis project, the collaboration will qualify Thermo Fishers Scientific’s mass analyzers for the detection of new biomarkers. The collaboration hopes to see the new analytical methods used to conduct metabolomics studies of breath samples for unique biomarkers that could translate into non-invasive, routine screening solutions.

Mortern Bern, Director of Marketing, GC (Thermo Fisher Scientific) explained: “The combination of our Orbitrap GC mass spectrometry technology with Owlstone Medical’s breath biopsy platform provides a unique basis to improve patient outcomes through the discovery of novel biomarkers and their incorporation into research use and clinical tests.”

Billy Boyle, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (Owlstone Medical) added: “The orbitrap platform’s ability to detect a wide range of chemicals during targeted and untargeted analyses without losing selectivity or sensitivity, promises to be of substantial benefit to our breath biopsy platform. With a large and rapidly expanding installed base of GC orbitrap systems, our collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific represents an exciting opportunity for cross-promotion of the platform and technique, by which the benefits of breath biopsy can be broadly realized.”