Innovation Center opens within the Monash Technology Precinct in Australia

Written by Alice O'Hare, Future Science Group

Agilent opens new Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Center.

Agilent Technologies Inc. has recently announced the opening of their new facility in Mulgrave, Australia. Costing US$25 million, the Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Center will house customer demonstration and training areas, alongside research and testing laboratories.

Agilent (CA, USA) develop technology in chemical analysis, with the company divided into four businesses – Chemical Analysis; Life Sciences; Diagnostics and Genomics; and Electronic Measurement. The innovation center falls under Agilent’s Chemical Analysis Group, and will research new spectroscopy instruments.

The facility is designed to be flexible, to allow any future changes in project structure and any new scientific advances. The center also boasts advanced communications technology. Mike McMullen, president of Agilent’s Chemical Analysis Group, commented on this structure, “The open-plan areas for project teams have been designed to foster interaction and to help improve customer and field linkages. Most importantly, our time-to-market for new products will be improved as we pursue our goal of clear leadership in our chosen markets.”

The Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Center is located in the Monash Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct, a collection of research facilities. Based at Monash University’s Clayton Campus, the precinct is known as the ‘Monash STRIP’. With their expansion, Agilent joins existing scientific research centers at this site, such as the Australian Stem Cell Centre and the Victorian Institute of Chemical Sciences.

Source: Agilent technologies opens spectroscopy technology innovation center.