An introduction to flow cytometry with Derek Davies and Rachael Walker

Rachael WalkerRachael Walker has over 15 years of experience in flow cytometry and cell sorting and over a dozen years of working in flow cytometry core facilities. Rachael joined the Babraham Institute core (Cambridge, UK) in September 2012, following 7 years running Flow Cytometry Core Facilities at the University of Cambridge (UK). Rachael has extensive experience in analysis and sorting cells of differing types including; immunology, cell biology, stem cell biology, large cells such as cardiomyocytes, C. elegans eggs; organelles such as nuclei.

derek daviesDerek Davies headed the Flow Cytometry Lab at the London Research Institute (UK) from 1996 and the Crick Flow Cytometry STP (London, UK) since 2015. In that time, the Crick Institute has expanded the lab from four machines and two staff to 28 machines and 13 staff. Derek takes a keen interest in education and training of staff and users. He also teaches several flow cytometry courses in the UK and beyond. Derek chairs the flow cytometry section of the Royal Microscopical Society, is a former ISAC (International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry) councilor and Chair of flowcytometryUK.

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