Bioanalysis Vol. 12 No. 10 | Preliminary Communication

Extending flow cytometry sample stability by freezing lysed whole blood for clinical monitoring of Treg


Aim: A major challenge for flow cytometry assays supporting clinical trials is postcollection sample stability. Here we present an approach that could mitigate the stability issue while preserving sample integrity and cellular markers, especially when enumerating rare populations such as Tregs. Materials & methods: Stability was evaluated using whole blood stored at room temperature and lysed whole blood stored at -80°C. Results: Freezing of lysed whole blood preserved sample integrity and prolonged sample stability for Treg percentage, absolute cell count and median fluorescent intensity values to 11 versus 3 days at room temperature storage. Conclusion: Frozen storage of lysed whole blood can extend sample stability, improve data quality and facilitate sample batch processing during clinical study sample analysis.

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