Bioanalysis Vol. 12 No. 19 | Research Article

Intact mAb LC–MS for drug concentration from pre-clinical studies: bioanalytical method performance and in-life samples


Background: Antibody biotherapeutic measurement from pharmacokinetic studies has not been traditionally based on intact molecular mass as is the case for small molecules. However, recent advancements in protein capture and mass spectrometer technology have enabled intact mass detection and quantitation for dosed biotherapeutics. A bioanalytical method validation is part of the regulatory requirement for sample analysis to determine drug concentration from in-life study samples. Results/methodology: Here, an intact protein LC–MS assay is subjected to mock bioanalytical method validation, and unknown samples are compared between intact protein LC–MS and established bioanalytical assay formats: Ligand-binding assay and peptide LC–MS/MS. Discussion/conclusion: Results are presented from the intact and traditional bioanalytical method evaluations, where the in-life sample concentrations were comparable across method types with associated data analyses presented. Furthermore, for intact protein LC–MS, modification monitoring and evaluation of data processing parameters is demonstrated.

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