Bioanalysis Vol. 12 No. 4 | Perspective

IQ consortium perspective: complementary LBA and LC–MS in protein therapeutics bioanalysis and biotransformation assessment


Increasingly diverse large molecule modalities have driven the need for complex bioanalysis and biotransformation assessment involving both traditional ligand-binding assays (LBA) and more recent hybrid immunoaffinity LC–MS platforms. Given the scientific expertise in LBA and LC–MS typically resides in different functions within the industry, this has presented operational challenges for an integrated approach for bioanalysis and biotransformation assessment. Encouragingly, over time, the industry has recognized the complementary value of the two platforms. This has not been an easy transition as organizational structures vary widely within the industry. However, there are tremendous benefits in adopting fully integrated strategies for biopharma. This IQ consortium paper presents current perspectives across the biopharma industry. It highlights the technical and operational challenges in current large molecule bioanalysis, the value of collaborations across LBA and LC–MS, and scientific expertise for fully integrated strategies for bioanalysis and biotransformation.

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