LC–MS/MS technology for large and small molecule quantitation: key challenges in drug discovery

Written by Shashyendra Singh Gautam

In this commentary from Shashyendra Singh Gautam (Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb R & D Center, Karnataka, India), explore the use of LC–MS/MS technology for large and small molecule quantitation, key challenges associated with the technology and the application of LC–MS/MS in drug discovery bioanalysis. Biography Shashyendra Singh Gautam Sr. Scientist, Bioanalytical Research, Pharmaceutical Candidate Optimization Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb R & D Center (BBRC). Shashyendra Singh Gautam is currently working at BBRC as a Senior Scientist in the bioanalytical research department (2007–present). His area of expertise is discovery bioanalysis and he has worked extensively on LC–MS/MS-based bioanalysis, supporting protein therapeutics and small-molecule...

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