SMCxPRO™ immunoassay instrument and kits

MilliporeSigma, Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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Sensitivity You Can Count On

With the SMCxPRO™ platform you can detect extremely low-levels of established disease biomarkers, capturing concentrations down to the femtogram/mL level, and as a result monitor small changes in protein concentrations to accurately measure biomarkers associated with disease progression. In addition, the small sample volume requirements allow you to conserve valuable samples, reduce program costs and improve productivity. This affordable, fast and compact benchtop instrument allows research labs, including ones on a budget, to access reliable protein detection and expand the quest for drug discovery and development.

SMCxPRO™ Platform Benefits

  • High sensitivity (femtogram/mL) quantification
  • Minimal bench space: 14” W x 16” H x 17.5” D
  • Affordable
  • 96-well plate read times of 30-45 minutes
  • Bead-based kits
  • Access to over 600 proven antibody pairs
Verified Immunoassay Kits for use on the SMCxPRO™
DescriptionCat. No.
SMC™ Human IL-6 High
Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit
SMC™ Human Cardiac
Troponin I High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit
SMC™ Amyloid Beta 1-42 High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit03-0146-00
SMC™ Glucagon High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit03-0153-00
SMC™ Human IL-1beta Immunoassay Kit03-0028-00
SMC™ Human IL-4 Immunoassay Kit03-0052-00
SMC™ Human IL-6 Immunoassay Kit03-0089-01
SMC™ Human cTNI Immunoassay Kit03-0092-00
SMC™ Human IL-23 Immunoassay Kit03-0112-00
SMC™ Human IL-22 Immunoassay Kit03-0059-01
SMC™ Human IL-13v2 Immunoassay Kit03-0109-02
SMC™ Human TNF alpha Immunoassay Kit03-0088-00

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