Sciex: SelexION® differential mobility spectrometry


The SCIEX SelexION differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) device delivers highly-selective, robust and powerful ion separation that significantly enhances your quantitative performance. Designed to be simple to install without the need to break vacuum on your MS, and compatible with UHPLC timescales, this separation device can help you address your biggest analytical challenges:

  • Overcome co-eluting matrix interferences and improve data quality in complex samples
  • Separate isobaric compounds for increased confidence in detection
  • Detect and quantify isobaric lipid molecular species for more accurate biological insights
  • Reduce background noise that may be limiting your LOQ
  • Save time with simplified sample preparation

The SelexION device takes the some of the world’s most advanced mass spectrometry systems and adds a new dimension of selectivity. Compatible with a variety of SCIEX MS systems, SelexION device can be installed and uninstalled within 2-minutes without breaking vacuum, giving you the freedom to use the ion mobility technology only when you need to.

Visit our website to learn more about the science behind the SelexION device, and how this reproducible and easy-to-use device can enhance analytical separation power for your complex quantitative assays.