The impact of decreased LC–MS/MS run times on small molecule bioanalysis

Koster R, Van der Lijke H, Pruim P | Bioanalysis, 13(6), 409–413 (2021) Keywords: LC–MS/MS • separation efficiency • short run times • UHPLC • van deemter curve Since the introduction of LC–MS/MS, this analytical technique has had a major impact on small molecule bioanalysis. From its conception as a research instrument, it has evolved into the workhorse of the bioanalytical laboratories. Over the years we have seen the introduction of ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), triple quadrupole mass spectrometers and high-resolution mass spectrometers. The availability of these instruments gives the bioanalytical scientist many different options to solve analytical challenges. Typically, UHPLC coupled with a triple...

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