Bioanalysis Zone Roundtable Panel Discussion Trailer

This year Bioanalysis Zone attended the 10th WRIB meeting in Florida (USA), where we organized a panel discussion* comprising experts from leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies to assess the current situation and future opportunities in bioanalysis.

Our panelists spoke frankly about the future of outsourcing, the investments being made by Pharma and CROs in new bioanalytical techniques and concerns about the skills gap in analytical chemistry.

To have leading CRO and Pharmaceutical directors’ talk candidly about the key business challenges in bioanalysis is a rare occasion. Bioanalysis Zone is delighted to present footage from this panel discussion free to view for all our members.

*The Bioanalysis Zone Panel Discussions are not in anyway related to the panel discussions which were organised by WRIB at WRIB 2016 in Florida. We apologize if there has been any confusion here.